We're Here, Thanks to New York

It’s the first week of February. I’m sitting on a plane at LaGuardia, impatiently waiting to head back to Chicago. Between six days of training and a conference I’ve stayed in two Midtown Manhattan hotels, scarfed down every breakfast and lunch over a conference room table or a hotel room desk, and dined at a restaurant every single night. (I feel like this would make a SUPER infographic, but I digress.) Yes, I’ve routinely worked out in the hotel gyms, as I’ve always done on every business trip for the past year. And yet, here I am feeling drained, bloated, and disappointed by how much my health regimen slips during these busy travel periods.

My story isn’t unique. Studies regarding the relationship between business travel and health are overwhelmingly discouraging, and in the past several months I’ve spoken to countless business travelers who share many of the same concerns.  If you are a serious fitness enthusiast, you likely experience an additional level of stress thanks to the amount of planning and management required to maintain your successful and consistent health regimen while traveling.

And so, Road Warrior Strong was born while leaving New York. I’ve launched RWS because I want to change these trends and uplift business travelers. I want to make it easier for everyone to stay fit while managing – and surviving – a hectic business travel schedule. I don’t believe you should have to choose between that trip to headquarters and working on that glute-hammy tie-in.  You can fly into the regional office for sales training and lose zero days marathon training. And sure, you can maintain your diet and also maintain those client relationships over dinner and cocktails. Essentially, I believe your goal of building a stronger career shouldn't interfere with your pursuit of a stronger body and mind.

Road Warrior Strong is not a training or nutrition program, although we will often share favorite workouts, meal and dining hacks, and travel survival tips on this blog and social media. RWS is a partner for you, the road warrior who takes your fitness as seriously as your career.  

If you have questions or would like to chat, I'd love to hear from you. Drop me a line in the comments or the Contact Form, any time!


~ Tanya Rose Stanfield, Founder & Lead Travel Advisor