How I Travel Strong: This Travel Industry Insider Runs the Road

Lou Zameryka,'s Director of Global Accounts, is the driving force behind the travel platform's hotel deals. But besides being one of the travel industry's rising stars, he also happens to be an incredible athlete. An avid runner and member of the New Hyde Park Mineola Running Club, Lou frequently documents his workouts and travels on Instagram to motivate and inspire others. We recently caught up with him to find out what he's currently training for and how he remains motivated to squeeze pretty intense workouts into a busy work travel schedule.


My Work

I’m responsible for the relationship between and the world’s largest hotel brands, owners and management companies. The team I lead optimizes the online room sales for tens of thousands of the world’s best hotels.

Where You’ll Find Me

Probably in Amsterdam and Washington DC. I travel about three out of four weeks per month, so I fly over 100k miles a year while running a couple thousand as well. There is nothing I enjoy more about all the travel than getting to run in new places. My favorite city to run in is always DC. There’s so much to see, amazing routes, lots of runners and plenty of hills. The constant reminders of the contribution and sacrifice of others really motivates me.

My Workout

I do some pretty serious running and some body weight stuff at the gym. Also Kinstretch and yoga for mobility. 

My Goals

Surprise, surprise it’s a running goal!  I’m working on speed the next six to eight weeks, trying to get to 5:40 miles for 10k to 10-mile race distances. Yeah, that’s pretty specific, but I’m running on two relay teams this Fall/Winter so I want to get my 7-mile leg of each very fast. The races are the Ocean to Sound 50-miler and the Dallas Marathon Relay.

Hotel Gym or Hotel Room Workout?

I always run outside and do HIIT routines in my hotel room - squats, pushups, sit-ups, lunges and other random stuff. In regards to hotels and fitness amenities, no one hotel chain does it best at the moment. Westin of course has the run concierge, which I’ve not used but I hear they are great. I’m not too much of a creature of habit so I don’t just pick a hotel brand and stick with it. I like to vary my experiences since I’m on the road about 30-40 weeks a year. Any hotel with water in the lobby or free in the room is great. A hotel with staff that is empowered to give a free bottle of water to a runner when they see them arrive back at the hotel is always a favorite in my book!

My Travel Diet Hack

I don’t eat the food on planes! It’s usually a ton of junk food and often not served at meal time, so it just becomes an extra meal you don’t need.

My Why

I love to run because it allows me to just compete with my own personal best. As a husband, father and business leader it feels awesome to just be Lou and that’s how I feel when I’m running. It also sets a great example for my kids. I can teach them about hard work, persistence, willpower, discipline and having a healthy lifestyle without lecturing them and simply by showing them by example.